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AMP- Vigilante Publishing Group LLC’s Author Mentoring Program


As announced on The Lone Writer, the AMP Winners for 2014 Are:

1. Nicole Bartodziej

2. Samantha Jensen

3. Trinity Akao

4. George Stellingwerf

We want to wish each of them congratulations for winning a spot in Vigilante Publishing Group’s Author Mentoring Program, and we also want to thank everyone for competing. It was a very tough choice from all the entries we received, and we look forward to working with all of the competitors in the future.

News and Upcoming Events:


January: Author Mentoring Program Starts 
March: Tucson Festival of Books

The Lone Writer Schedule:

The Lone Writer's new show time is 6 PM MST on Wednesdays:

April 2, 2014: Loren Reese
April 16, 2014: Roy Dimond
April 30, 2014: Anthony D. Collins

2013 Releases:

Devil's in the Details- Reboot

2014 Releases:

Clotheslines Blues 
Three Wolves
Beautiful Monsters
Tales of the Lonely Traveler 
Casting Stones

Everett Holmes Case of the Caged Heart
Thirteen: Anatomy of a Twisted Mind 
Tortured Souls- The Story of Jake and Holly Book II (Revenging the Evil Series)

Scheduled Anthologies to release in 2014:

The Best of The Lone Writer Volume 1
A Hero's Journey

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