Vigilante Publishing Group LLC.

 About Us

Vision Statement: 

Vigilante Publishing Group redefines the publishing experience for authors around the world.

Mission Statement:

Vigilante Publishing Group LLC is dedicated to revitalizing the faded trust in the small press publishing industry by creating a seamless publishing experience for authors around the world. Our focus is to build long-lasting relationships with our authors. Our partners' combined years of knowledge and experience in the industry have allowed us to develop a unique and proven one-on-one representation model that will help educate our authors in the art of the book publishing process and deliver the best product possible.

Company Bio:

Vigilante Publishing Group LLC has its roots in the often-frustrating business of book publishing. Our name was chosen to reflect our company’s core philosophy: All authors have something to share with the world and deserve to be given a chance. By taking this matter into our own hands and away from these companies (many of which are owned by the large publishing houses that use them as profit mills) we have declared Vigilante Justice in the form of fair treatment of our writing partners—that’s how we view each author: a partner in the production of the very best book possible, from cover design, to editing, to text format, to marketing of the work. We are dedicated to publishing the very best books available.

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Erik J. Ekstrom- Director of Marketing and Video Production

Erik J. Ekstrom has been creating literary works of fiction for over eighteen years. In his experience he has learned the subtle, yet well needed balance between the author who pens their heartfelt words to paper, and those in the industry who make those words even more appetizing to the reader by using their expertise in going beyond the words and looking at the packaging and marketing of the literary product as a whole unit. It is that balanced union that took Erik down the path of creating his own company with aspirations of producing a unique, well-rounded product that focuses on quality services for the indie-author. Although Erik continues to work on his writing, his passion has been moving toward direction and production from behind the lens. He’s taken great strides in creating book trailers for indie authors across the country. His background in writing, media and marketing are just a few of the many layers of expertise Erik will be showcasing with each and every client represented by Vigilante Publishing Group LLC.

Jeff Gafford- Manager of Broadcast Media and Cover Design

Jeff Gafford brings a varied background of experiences to the fold. In college his major course of study was in the performing arts, while much of his career was spent in corporate security and government protective services. His time as a business owner and corporate security director in Haiti in the early 1990's gave him a first-hand look at both the best and worst sides of humanity. He is a published author of two books with a third soon to be available. Jeff is in charge of Audiobook and Podcast production and is the host of Vigilante Publishing Group LLC’s Blog Talk Radio program, "The Lone Writer." His life experiences as well as being a seasoned author make Jeff a valuable member of the Vigilante team. 

Jennifer Oneal Gunn- Editor in Chief and Director of Social Media

Jennifer Oneal Gunn has been writing for over twenty years, and worked as an editor for about as long. Her career in the field started shortly after she came into the open with her writing. Since then she’s seen many faces in publishing, whether it’s marketing, promoting, PR, or editing and formatting books, she’s always had her hands in many areas of the industry. As she continues to write books and poetry for the masses to enjoy, her love for the hands on work of publishing continues to grow while her attention to details and perfection make her a natural in the industry. When Jennifer isn’t headlong into an editing project, she likes to spend time building her network of writers, talking with them about one of her favorite things, books.